Hello Readers! Firstly, thank you for visiting this blog filled with personal thoughts, fun things to do in our community, recipes and other weirdo stuff I feel like sharing about.

Circa 1988?

Well…my personal journey started back in 1984 and I’ve been diverting from the path ever since. Growing up in Miami I instantly loved being on the water and spending time outside under the sun. Spent some years in Maine which created the foundation for my personal standards. Then hit up Philadelphia for college and landed my first “adult” job in Swarthmore, Pa. Got tired of the cold & snow so I brought my talents back to Miami and have been residing in Coconut Grove ever since.

Fun facts about Lucy B. Foerster:

  • Book Lover
  • Podcaster Listner
  • Thrives in the sunlight
  • Laughs loudly and often
  • Runner (slow runner, yet a runner)
  • Life Learner
  • Engaged in all aspects of Community


Want to know why: CocoLokeLiving? I live in Coconut Grove, my nickname growing up was Loke and this is a blog about living. Personally I like to make things simple.


Cousins Make The Best Friends