Hey There Mr. Postman

owl noteWhen was the last time you sat down and wrote a letter? I bet you have shot off 100 texts or emails today….come with me on this journey back into time when you would share thoughts or life events in a different way besides sharing them in 280 characters or less. I know it’s a little ironic that you are reading this concept from a blog but just entertain me here.

There is nothing like pulling out a letter in between the bills and junk mail. Personally I run up to my place, thrown down whatever is in my hands and jump on the couch ready to take in the words that have been shared in the note. My sister sends postcards from everywhere she goes for work. Sometimes it is as simple as “we must visit this city” or she’ll send a menu from a restaurant she loved. All the notes are different but it is her way of saying “was thinking about you” which is probably why I love getting mail so much.

Why are words on a paper better than a text or email? To me it’s the emotion that goes into the individual letters that make up the words that turn into full thoughts. Someone had to take the time to sit and write the letter. The story is better when it is written on paper. Whenever I write a letter I think more about the words that are being conveyed.

When I was in the seventh grade one of my friends move to Switzerland. This was a time when email was becoming a thing but not really a thing. Instant messenger was definitely a thing!  Due to the different times zones it was difficult for us to chat. So we wrote letters. Still to this day in 2018 I take the time to write my friend Mirna a letter because it’s our way of communicating and I love it so much. Just yesterday I dropped a note in the mail to her.

Simple thank you letters that are just a few lines go a long way. Try it out and see how you feel about it! Today is National Handwriting Day so jump on those letters today!



Little FYI – 
National Handwriting Day was established by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association in 1977.  Their motive is to promote the consumption of pens, pencils and writing paper.  January 23rd was chosen as this is the birthday of John Hancock.  John Hancock was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence.



One thought on “Hey There Mr. Postman

  1. This is very true. I remember when I was in basic training the joy I would when they would call me name and I would read those letters. We weren’t allowed to have cell phones and the use of phone banks were rare. Sometimes when I missed a certain person I would pick up there letter and read it again. Maybe you can start a new trend.

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