Goals & Intentions for 2018

Happy 2018 Readers!

Welcome to the year of the Dog! A friend recently forwarded a daily devotional titled “Death Rehearsal.” Don’t get creeped out – this post isn’t about death but it is about reaching your goals which was an underlying topic in the devotional. You can read the full article here but here is a favorite excerpt:

“The 365 days of the year are like a miniature lifetime. And these final hours are like the last days in the hospital after the doctor has told me that the end is very near. And in these last hours, the lifetime of this year passes before my eyes, and I face the inevitable question: Did I live it well?”

What does the word ‘well’ mean to you? What does it mean to me? Something that rings true in my ears is that everyone’s ‘well’ is relative and different. Which begs the question, “what is your ‘best?” So many awesome things to think about while we “reset our lives” for the New Year. January is all about getting it together and reapplying to stay “on track” or as my friend Jacky likes to say, “get it together girl.”

At the start of every calendar year I like to ponder some new goals – the trick is to not have too many goals and making sure they’re attainable. Over the years I have also learned my goals must be measurable. Not sure if I have told all of you this but I keep a journal and thus I can go back to look at my yearly goals. My 2017 goals were simple: Be outside more, go to 100 yoga classes, only use reusable bags, and explore my spiritual side. Guess what – I spent so much more time outside, didn’t make it to 100 classes, my plastic bag collection is definitely smaller than it used to be, and I joined a church…not too shabby. I had shared these goals with my cousin Will and my friend (AKA Will’s fiancé) Allison at the beginning of the year and then we revisited them a few times. That was really helpful and I encourage all of you to do the same – get some accountability partners. Having people to communicate with during the goal period is incredible because you receive necessary feedback. It helped me personally stay on track.

After getting into yoga I also have to remind myself to set some intentions because they can spur on the feel goods in your life. Seriously, think about it…they are the awesome values behind your goal that make you a better person. All too often we focus on a goal; get too one-track minded and forget to actually enjoy the moment. Intentions allow us to focus on who we are as we do the action. It also reminds us of our personal values while we’re achieving those goals. Plus, intentions have no limits and I kind of like that.

Cheers to a great year ahead – here are some of my goals and intentions (now I’m feeling some serious accountability to all of my “readers”.. all of you!) 

2018 Goals
1. Run 750 miles
2. Read the Bible
3. Go on a yoga trip
4. Read 13 books
5. Cook 50 new recipes

1. Listen more
2. Pray more often
3. Spend quality time with people
4. Continue to spend more time outside
5. Be patient

I wish you all the best in 2018 and hope you’ll share your own goals & intentions with someone who you care about.

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