Nama See You Soon

Have you drank the yoga cool-ade? I most definitely have and continue to go back for more.

One of the greatest parts about yoga in general is that it is known as practicing yoga. One day you’ll feel like you have mastered a pose you’ve been working on and then the next week it seems impossible. Our teachers tell us we are exactly where we need to be and we are pushing our bodies to where they can go for the day. Where else can we take the time to master one thing at a time? Not many these days which is probably why I love yoga so much.

If you are ever in the Coconut Grove area on a Friday then you need to do yourself a favor and stop by the Community Yoga class at Dharma Yoga Studio. The class provides a platform for a handful of things I love: yoga, community and non-profits! This yoga happy hour showcases a different local charity each month and the $10 given at the door goes to the mission of the said organization. Pretty awesome huh! Before the class begins there is some time set aside for everyone to learn about what the organization does and how it gives back. It is a great grassroots approach and just so freaking cool!

When I think of leaders in my community I instantly think of Deb & John – the creators and instructors of Community Yoga. They give their time every Friday night to teach the class and also spread awareness for some amazing causes. You know why they do this class … just because they want to! They embody the word community and I look up to them so much! When stopping by the class you’ll definitely hear them say “you come for the yoga but stay for the music” … I would have to say the rock n roll played during the class is simply the best! Plus little country gets thrown in the mix which you know gets me amped up!


While attending this class I have learned a handful of lessons aside from my decent Warrior II.

  1. Breath. Seems simple, yet not always easy to remember when you are in the middle of your handstand practice or juggling life. Take a moment and breath when things are getting tough or you don’t think you can make it. Breathing is the base and everything else will happen.
  2. Be where you are. Easier said than done in today’s society of smart phones and never not working mentality. Leave everything behind when you step into a yoga studio, you’ll feel better I promise!
  3. Find a balance with Effort & Surrender
  4. Stay for the music – yes! A little music can change a mood in the second.
  5. Don’t take yourself too seriously! I’ll never forget the day we did the hokie-pokie in class.

A big question I pose (like the pun) … how do you cultivate your passions? Do you share them with others? Have you given your passion time lately? If not make time! What is life without things that make us smile, let’s all spend more time on that mission. Smile more! Enjoy your passions more!

Hope you’ll consider coming out to Community Yoga soon and we are always happy for all level yogis to be a part of this amazing class! Friday nights – 6:15pm – $10 donations at Dharma Yoga Studio (3170 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove FL 33133)

Namaste or as I like to say “Nama See You Soon at Yoga”

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